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Teen Ballet Dancer
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Laura Sandham - Principal


The goal at Laura Sandham School of Dance is to give every single student that steps through my door the tools to be the unique dancer that they want to be. Our creative forward thinking school has high expectations but you reach them without even realising through the fun yet organised delivery of each lesson. Myself and my team are highly qualified, each bringing different skills so that every student gets the opportunity to become the dancer they want to be. Our studio is in the heart of Lancaster in the beautiful building of The Storey.


I have danced all my life. From the age of 3, I spent every second I wasn't at school dancing. At that time I wanted to take my dancing career to the next level and audition for a professional dance college but unfortunately I was bullied throughout primary school, secondary school and even at the dance studio. This destroyed my confidence and instead I was left with huge anxiety issues, I later trained at Trinity College in London and achieved my Level 5 in teaching dance in further education. This is why I am passionate now about providing my students with a safe and supportive space where they can flourish.


In 2004 I bought the good will of my auntie’s dance school. This was the perfect opportunity for me to give children what I had missed out on, the chance to succeed in a specialist dance genre of their choice in a safe space. I thought all my Christmases had come at once.  We take pupils from as early as 3 to adult believing dance to be fantastic for mind and body. To keep active and get lost in the moment is a perfect way to keep physically and mentally healthy. Growing up, dance was my savior.


At The Laura Sandham Dance School, we’re always bringing new ideas to the table through ongoing professional development. This ensures we are always at the forefront of anything new on the dance scene. Alongside our experience and high technical standards, our biggest strength is that we are one big supportive family. I say this with pure joy in my heart.


Since being the first in the north west to gain the level 5 degree in dance in further education through the B.B.O, The Laura Sandham School of Dance has contributed to the Christmas switch on in Lancaster and has taught 550 children to dance on ice at Lancaster’s “On Ices” fabulous real ice rink that comes to Dalton square for 6 weeks over the Christmas period. Yes that's right, Miss Laura can ice skate too!


We teach all genres of dance. Each one of my team of teachers specialises in their own dance form, so you are getting the best of the best! The school competes in dance festivals all over the country. We put together spectacular shows every 2 years at the beautiful Grand Theatre in Lancaster. We have also danced in professional pantomimes with stage and television stars Leslie Ash, Dave Benson Philips, Ashleigh and Sully from Britain's Got Talent, Keith Chegwin, Basil Brush ans many more. We have also choreographed for and danced in Pasha Kovalev’s show from Strictly Come Dancing. We work towards exams through both B.B.O and I.S.T.D, both of which have special recognition by the national regularity body of Ofqual. Equally,  if you’re not interested in taking the exams, you can still come and enjoy the classes, have fun and '' Dance like no one is watching”!  ( Mark Twain )


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