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Cheerleading is a fun, high energy, and dynamic way of exercising as well as introducing skills such as team building, body strength, flexibility, confidence and 

physical endurance. Cheerleading combines Dancing, tumbling and stunt lifting. Here are some of the amazing benefits of Cheerleading as a sport in more detail; 



Cheerleading is a great way to work out, it is great for stamina and releasing endorphins. 



Cheerleading requires physical muscular training, participants will become much more aware of their body and how to use/control it. They will gain strength in every area of their body. 



Cheerleaders stretch regularly and will improve their kicks, splits and jumps that this sport includes giving them a wider range of movement. 



Cheerleading is ideal for the improvement of co-ordination, not to mention learning to perform steps and routines in time with the music as well as with their team mates. 



Working with a team will allow them to gain knowledge of spacial awareness, of those around them, of obstacles and how to work around this and the importance of doing so.



Working with the rest of the team is paramount within Cheerleading for safety reasons and can build up such skills by learning to communicate for the good of the whole team.



Listening to both the coach and your team members to carry out the safe practice of lifts, stunts and tumbles along with all the parts of Cheerleading is crucial.



Cheerleading is a happy form of exercise ideal to put you in a positive frame of mind. It is highly performance driven meaning that participants will be smiling throughout their moves and it includes upbeat chants, known to boost the mood through vibrations. 



Cheerleading is great for the self-esteem.


If you think your child would enjoy this genre, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


We hold classes from ages 6-16 on Saturdays during term time 4-5pm.

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