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I am a 53 year old wannabe dancer and thought I would never have the opportunity to experience the feeling of being a ballet dancer!!! I have started a Ballet Be Fit class in Lancaster, taught by Laura Sandham-Smith and my long held dream has become true. I love the workout and couldn't wait to buy my first pair of ballet shoes. Laura is a fantastic teacher and gets us all smiling through the class, even though our muscles are aching. Thank you Laura, and thank you Ballet Be Fit. 


My daughter celebrated her 7th birthday with Miss Laura and a group of friends. It was a Mama Mia party which was perfect for our 'Dancing Queen'. Not all of the group were dancers but all the children remained engaged and followed the dance moves resulting in a great performance at the end, for all the parents to see. All parents and children went home happy, it was a really perfect party.

Isabel's Mum

My Mama Mia party was fun. I had a group of my best friends and we all danced to my favourite music. Miss Laura helped us learn a dance routine to 'Dancing Queen' and we all danced and laughed. I loved it!

Isabel, aged 7

Laura's Zumba classes are really good fun. Her energy and enthusiasm is addictive;the hour just flies by. She inspires you to put sffort into the exercises without you even realising you have done. At the end of the session you know you have had a good workout and you feel so good about yourself. To sum it up it is excellent therapy for both your body and mind. Definitely to be recommended!


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