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Miss Gemma

I have danced myself since a very young age. Competing in Ballroom, Latin, Freestyle and Rock 'N' Roll, I won myself championship titles. Having a strong passion for Dance and the desire to make it my profession, I soon realised the necessity of being an all-round performer and took up Ballet, Tap and Jazz dancing too, as well as singing lessons. This all paid off as I was lucky enough to enjoy a 10 year long career as a Professional Dancer; performing in Parisian Cabarets, on Cruise Ships, in Holiday camps, Theatres and Circus' and tours worldwide. I developed a brand new passion for each different style I discovered, especially falling in love with the French CanCan. Every moment was a dream come true, including starring in Blue Peter, Doctor Who and in a Bollywood movie. As they say; once a dancer always a dancer and I am now delighted to be a part of the Laura Sandham School of Dance family to pass on some of my dance skills to the youngsters and adults alike. I primarily teach Ballroom, Latin, Cheerleading and Street Dance as well other genres and I particularly enjoy teaching couples their wedding dance choreography for their First Dance on their big day. I also teach classes over at our Preesall Branch. The pupils refer to me as the teacher with the quirky quotes...


Cheerleading is a fun, high energy, and dynamic way of exercising as well as introducing skills such as team building, body strength, flexibility, confidence and physical endurance. Cheerleading combines Dancing, tumbling and stunt lifting.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of Cheerleading as a sport in more detail;

*PHYSICAL ENDURANCE Cheerleading is a great way to work out, it is great for stamina and releasing endorphins.

*BODY STRENGTH Cheerleading requires physical muscular training, participants will become much more aware of their body and how to use/control it. They will gain strength in every area of their body.

*FLEXIBILITY Cheerleaders stretch regularly and will improve their kicks, splits and jumps that this sport includes giving them a wider range of movement.

*CO-ORDINATION Cheerleading is ideal for the improvement of co-ordination, not to mention learning to perform steps and routines in time with the music as well as with their team mates.

*SPACIAL AWARENESS Working with a team will allow them to gain knowledge of spacial awareness, of those around them, of obstacles and how to work around this and the importance of doing so.

*TEAM BUILDING SKILLS Working with the rest of the team is paramount within Cheerleading for safety reasons and can build up such skills by learning to communicate for the good of the whole team.

*LISTENING SKILLS Listening to both the coach and your team members to carry out the safe practice of lifts, stunts and tumbles along with all the parts of Cheerleading is crucial.

*MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING Cheerleading is a happy form of excercise ideal to put you in a positive frame of mind. It is highly performance driven meaning that participants will be smiling throughout their moves and it includes upbeat chants, known to boost the mood through vibrations.

*CONFIDENCE Cheerleading is great for the self-esteem.

If you think your child would enjoy this genre, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

We hold classes from ages 6-16 on Saturdays during term time 4-5pm.


The Ballroom and Latin genres often go hand in hand. They are a set of partner dances (that can also be learnt and practiced individually). They are very popular styles that are enjoyed both socially and competitively worldwide by all ages.

The fields are most commonly split up into 10 dances, making the 5 dances of the Modern Ballroom; *Waltz *Quickstep *Tango *Foxtrot *Viennese Waltz And the 5 Latin American dances; *Rumba *Cha Cha *Modern Jive *Samba *Paso-Doble

We also cover; Rock N Roll, Salsa, Bachata, Argentine Tango and Sequence Dances (which Miss Gemma likes to refer to as "Ballroom's version of a line dance").

These styles can be slow and elegant as well as upbeat and energetic. They require technique and discipline but are a pure joy to dance and watch once mastered.

We have three different types of Ballroom and Latin lesdins available with Miss Gemma;

*Baby Ballroom Ages 6-11. S *Junior Ballroom Ages 12-16/18.

*Adult Ballroom Ages 18+ Beginners and Improvers level. All welcome, with or without a partner.


Planning a wedding?

If it's your hen party or stag do you're wanting to add an element of fun to, we can create a dance party for you and your guests, tailored especially to your theme...

If it's that you're wanting assistance with your first dance and don't want to feel uncomfortable just shuffling around the dance floor, we can help you and create your own special choreography to impress your guests. Private lessons are available in a comfortable, encouraging environment to prepare you for your big day. You pick the song and we will do the rest...

If you would like something a little different for your wedding day, maybe including the groomsmen or bridesmaids in the performance. Or even a father-daughter dance, we can cater to your needs and help make your day as special as it deserves to be, in every way... 

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