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Covid Essentials

We have been busy bees freshening the studio and deep cleaning. We are so excited to welcome you back to the Laura Sandham School of Dance but things will be a little different for a while, please take your time to read and digest the following information.

 We now have a one-way system in place at the studio. The entrance is Castle Hill (side entrance) and the exit is Meeting House Lane (front entrance).

 Please do not enter the building until a member of staff from the Laura Sandham School of dance greets you (at a 2 metre distance) at the side entrance (Castle Hill).

 Please come dressed for your dance lesson with only your dance shoes and a bottle of water, do not bring any other belongings.

 Where this is not physically possible, you can get changed in the toilets at the storey, the changing rooms in the studio are closed.

 Once you have entered the building, you need to go straight to the wash room and wash your hands with hot water and anti-bacterial soap.

 Once you enter the studio you will use the automatic hand sanitiser before commencing your dance lesson and also on leaving your dance lesson.

 Please note bare feet are prohibited in the studio.

 After your dance class, you will exit the building onto Meeting House Lane (front entrance)

 No one can accompany you to your lesson, the only exception being introduction to ballet (age 3-5 group) who will be accompanied by one parent at all times.

 The changing room will be closed and used as the Covid-19 isolation room, if required.

 If a pupil becomes ill during a lesson; they will be isolated and parents asked to collect as soon as possible.

 We ask that students do not wear masks. I have been advised by the Covid-19 team that I have been working with, not to wear masks as it is too dangerous when exercising. Teachers will be wearing masks.

 We are following the Government guidelines of a 2 metre distance between pupils and also between pupils and teacher or a 1 metre distance where a 2 metre distance is not possible.

 The full Covid-19 Laura Sandham School of Dance risk assessment will be available to read in full, on the website, as soon as possible. Until then, I can send it to you via email on request.

 The timetable has been very carefully put together with sufficient time in between every lesson to clean the studio. Please be mindful that there is very little room for alterations.

 We are conducting a hybrid system whereby larger classes will be on a rotation system of zoom and studio classes. One week in the studio, one week on zoom as the safety of our students and teachers is paramount.

 The September 2020 timetable will be live on the website early next week (week beginning Monday 27th July.)

 All staff members have had the full Covid-19 training.

 Please ensure you read, print and sign the consent form which needs to be handed to the teacher on your first visit to the studio. Your son/daughter cannot attend their dance session without the signed consent form. If in the event you do forget to sign and bring back the consent form on your first visit your son/daughter will not be able to participate in their dance lesson and you will still be charged.

Thank you

Miss Laura and the team

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