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YOGALATES with Ali Moorhouse

Weekly classes


10.45-11.30am - Beginners & All Levels



9.30-10.15am - Beginners & All Levels - no experience necessary


10.30-11.15am- Beginners & All Levels - no experience necessary 


11.30am -12.15pm- Improvers & Intermediate (requirements: some experience of yoga and/or Pilates, ability to weight bear on hands and knees, and easily transition from floor to standing and vice versa) 


Single class - £7

4 classes - £24

8 classes - £48


Book a space online at 


Absolute Beginners 8 Week Course 

My next course will be starting soon! Weekly classes are held on a Monday, 9.30-10.30am. £56 for 8 weeks, must be paid online in advance of the first class. This course is progressive for those completely new to yoga and Pilates. Starting with the fundamentals of both and slowly introducing the most effective movements, postures and equipment so that on completion you will be able to walk into any class with confidence and know-how! 



What is Yogalates? 

Combining the most effective Yoga stretches, breathwork and mindfulness practices with Pilates core-strengthening, muscle toning and posture focused exercises to improve physical and mental wellbeing. 


Classes are progressive (to suit all levels) and often include blocks, light hand weights and resistance bands to support you and your unique body. Suitable for all ages and a wide range of abilities, even those with existing injuries. It is particularly beneficial for back pain sufferers due to its focus on core strength, pelvic stability and alignment. 


A typical practice often includes dynamic yet therapeutic supine (on your back), side-lying and prone (on your tummy) movements to improve strength and stability throughout your entire body and a standing Yoga 'flow'. 


Yogic breathing techniques are an integral part of the practice, helping to rebalance the nervous system and relieve stress; calming the mind and aiding in the health of the whole body.


All equipment provided.

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